Friday, May 6, 2011

Cole...The Confident

So the Mathas family is blooming with confidence lately. Something very nice to see since it isn't exactly something that we would be normally known for.

More to come at a later date about my new life but here is a treat from a conversation yesterday after work.... The "big boys" (3rd graders) down the street came down and asked William (our favorite second adopted son) and Cole to play chase. The boys quickly agreed. After running wildly for a short period they stopped to rest. The big boys were talking about school and my normally rather shy Cole pipes up and claims to them "you know...I am VERY popular in my school!" The big boys exclaim "yeah, people know me a lot too at my school." But, my son decides that this isn't enough and closes with: "well, my photo is on the wall of the Superbowl!"

You go Cole. Mommy is proud that you feel important :)

Side bar: For those of you that don't know...I had the honor of designing the Club for the New Orleans Saints and the Louisiana Superdome that we named Club XLIV after our Superbowl win. In an art photography wall that we designed, I decided to sneak a photo of Cole front in center for all to see. Therefore, this is why he thinks he is on the wall of the Superbowl!

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  1. Rock on, Cole! Good for you. All kinds of good things are coming to the Mathas family but happy kiddos are a special blessing. You are SO important!!